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Laser Component Repairs

Due to the high quality of laser clad deposits, laser cladding can be used to repair components which would otherwise be considered scrap. Intricate items, or components made from conventionally "unweldable" materials can often be repaired to a condition better than new.


The low heat input associated with laser welding allows a wide range of substrate and coating materials to be used.


The Advantages of laser component repairs compared to conventional welding techniques are:


  • The base material retains its original mechanical properties

  • A wide range of base materials such as high carbon steels and cast irons can be welded

  • There will be minimal distortion due to the low heat input of the process

  • The welding material can be tailored to match the properties of the base material

  • Often higher performance materials can be applied, producing a component which is better than new


The Process for laser component repair is as follows:


  1. Prepare the worn component for laser cladding, this is often achieved by premachining but in some cases simply cleaning will suffice

  2. Laser clad the surface with the chosen material. with sufficient material to build up "over size"

  3. Machine the component back to original dimensions.


Please click here to download a flyer about laser repair of cast iron components

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