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Laser Clad Coatings

Laser Cladding is a welding process which uses a precisely focused laser beam to generate a melt pool on a component surface. A metallic feed material is simultaneously injected into the melt pool and fully melted to build up a deposit. The feed material usually takes the form of a metallic powder but can also be a wire.


The precise nature of the process allows the quality of the coating to be accurately controlled.The key to successful laser cladding is controlling the heat input into the base material, which can be minimised whilst maintaining a high strength metallurgical bond.

The very fast cooling rate associated with laser cladding has the effect of producing fine high strength microstructures with minimal effect on the mechanical properties of the base material. Numerous coating materials can be applied, the composition of which can be designed to combat the service conditions of the component to be clad.



Click on this link to download a laser cladding  presentation :

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