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Providing Laser Cladding and Laser Hardening Services

Laser cladding produces very pure welded coatings with superior strength and hardness. The very low heat input associated with the laser results in finer microstructures and minimises distortion. Laser cladding allows the cost effective application of high performance alloys which have far superior wear and corrosion properties.



Laser cladding is a very accurate, low heat input welding process. The low heat input allows components which may be unsuitable for conventional welding to be repaired. Components with high carbon contents, or those which would be likely to distort using standard welding techniques can be repaired by laser cladding.

Rapid and direct laser heat treatment can be used to impart very hard and wear resistant structures on steel and cast iron base materials. The laser beam is scanned across the substrate surface, this causes rapid heating and quenching to occur. Very high cooling rates result in hard and wear resistant martensitic layers. This process is ideally suited to high carbon steels where small portions of the component are subject to high levels of wear. Good examples include the bearing areas on propulsion shafts and the periphery of forming dies or moulds.

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